All who wound God's works, wound God's image. 

~ Zohar, Ra`ya Mehemna 3:123b 

Kabbalah and Ecology: God's Image in the More-Than-Human World is a radically new vision of Judaism deeply anchored in the most traditional sources.

It has been called "exhilarating" (Bill McKibben), "crucial and irreplaceable" (Rabbi Jill Hammer), "a tour-de-force" (Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and Mary Evelyn Tucker), and "one of the boldest, most imaginative and theologically significant works to appear in recent memory" (Rabbi Nehemia Polen); it "jumps off the page with relevance" (Jeremy Benstein).

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Read/download a PDF of the Introduction here.
Read the endorsements for Kabbalah and Ecology here.

Read author's statement in Tikkun   

Read Methods for Jewish Constructive Theology. Methods was written as an appendix to Kabbalah and Ecology.

Other sections from Kabbalah and Ecology in addition to the intro available for download: Click here to browse Kabbalah and Ecology on Googlebooks. Get the text study sheets on "The Mystery of Trees" from the 2018 Parliament of World Religions by clicking here.

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