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Venmo: David-RM-Seidenberg or by mail/check: David Seidenberg c/o Beit Ahavah, 130 Pine St. Florence MA 01062.

Questions? Write! You can also support the work of neohasid by joining neohasid's list (about three emails or less per month), by liking neohasid.org on facebook, or by inviting Rabbi David Seidenberg to teach in your synagogue or community on eco-Torah, spirituality and ecology, dance, Maimonides, and more.

Get information about Rabbi David's teaching here or read some of his publications here. You can also read from David's book, Kabbalah and Ecology: God's Image in the More-Than-Human World (Cambridge U Press, 2015) on Amazon.

Suggested donations: For the Omer app, $5. For the Haggadah of the Inner Seder, $4. For Laments: $3, or 50¢ per copy for multiple copies. To help neohasid in general, a donation of $13 (unity, love) or $18 (life) would be especially appreciated. To support the book, amounts of $180 or more are very much appreciated. Any amount you wish to give is welcome. Thank you!
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