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lechem tafayl לחם תפל journal was published for several years at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Drawing on a population of only about 600, we were able to produce a fine magazine of literary and spiritual exploration as good as many I've seen. Please enjoy, and please sign up for neohasid.org updates to find out when the next issues are ready to be viewed! From the first issue: "Lechem tafayl is a halakhic category – it means bread over which we do not say hamotsi because it is eaten only to make something else, like very spicy food, palatable. . . We hope lechem tafayl journal will pose a question to the community: Are spirituality and subjectivity, the personal and the political, superfluous to the pursuit of academic objectivity and halakhic norms? Are they necessary only to the extent that they allow these pursuits? Or is that which transcends. . . the essence, even though it is defined as tafayl – i.e. outside the proper discourse of JTS, which is the 'scientific study' of Judaism?"

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