The Baal Shem Tov, or Besht —  the founder of Chasidism — 
met the soul of the Messiah during an ascent to heaven. 
The Besht asked him, "When will the Master come?" 
The Messiah answered, "When your wellsprings break forth to the outside!" 
(from a letter written by the Besht to his brother-in-law about one of his soul ascents) 

Tu Bish'vat

Find ideas about leading the seder, the prayer for the trees from the original seder, connections to the Shmita year, texts to learn and teach at your seder, reflections on the JNF, and more.
tree of life
detail from "Vision" by Bonnie L. Sachs, 2015
These very rich resources are rooted in an ecological interpretation of Kabbalah.

If you think about the Tu Bishvat seder, as we move through the four worlds, from one kind of "fruit" to the next, we reach greater and greater symbiosis.

At the first level, when we eat nuts with a shell, we are destroying the seed that needs to be planted in order to feed ourselves. At the second level, fruit with a pit, we are eating the fruit and discarding the seed, so we cannot pass the seed through our bodies. At the third level, wholly edible fruit, meaning fruit with seeds small enough to swallow, we are in complete symbiosis, and we can pass the seed through our digestive tract to fertilize and nourish it. Enjoy your holy Tu Bishvat meal!

Read "Being Here Now: This Creation is the Divine Image" (Tikkun Winter 2017)

1. Songs 2. Haggadot/Seders 3. Blessings 4. Torah/text study

"The works" for Tu Bishvat

Haggadot, brakhot, text study sheets, in one zip file (but not the songs). Updated for 2020. Direct download ~ 7 MB

1. Songs

For Tu bishvat, a round to sing at your seder: "K'eitz shatul/Like a tree planted": mp3 sheet music

A song for words of blessing from the first published Tu Bishvat seder (P'ri Etz Hadar)

, adapted from a Satmar Sukkot song

Shirat ha'asavim ~ The Song of the Grasses

A rough recording of the well-known Naomi Shemer tune

2. Haggadot/Seders

Get this amazing visual Haggadah! tree adventure

A visual haggadah for your at-home seder - great for every age!

The One-page Save-the-trees flowchart Haggadah!

A flowchart haggadah on a single sheet, in three versions. Plus some quick links to other resources

A simple Tu Bishvat Haggadah

An all-English simple haggadah for Tu Bishvat with intro and blessings. This includes all the smell blessings, and the themes of symbiosis mentioned above

A basic version of the well-loved flowchart Haggadah

An haggadah all in English with a smidgeon of Kabbalah, accessible for beginners to Kabbalah or to Jewish practices

How to make a Kabbalistic Tu Bishvat Seder

Instructions on how to run a seder, how to use the blessing from the first Tu Bishvat seder, and how to use the One-page Haggadah chart

See also the Ultimate Text Crunching sheet

which arranges the texts according to the cups of the seder

3. Blessings

The blessing from the first published Tu Bish'vat Seder, P'ri Eitz Hadar

from a 16/17th century haggadah
Download a pdf with a modern version of this prayer, Hebrew + English!

Borei N'fashot ~ Blessing after Eating

The most ecological prayer in all of Judaism,
on an art card, good for the end of your Tubi seder, and for every day!

Earthprayers on

Ten options to use or to inspire your own

A Prayer for the Earth – Hebrew and English

Y'kum Purkan Lish'maya: A prayer for the earth, for use in your synagogue, minyan, or havurah; for Earth Day, Rainbow Day, Shabbat Noach, Shabbat Behar/Bechukotai, everyday

Longer meditations on Pri Etz Hadar

Imagine a Jewish practice which has the purpose of restoring all the species and creatures, and all the sparks they contain, to the fullness of blessing

Birkat Ha-ilanot

Once a year there is Jewish custom is to say a special blessing on flowering fruit trees. It happens in spring, especially during the Omer, but it's also a good teaching for Tu Bish'vat. You'll also find some other good tree texts here

4. Torah/Text study

The Ultimate Text Crunching Sheet for Tu Bish'vat

Study, for many days or for one seder, some of the great Jewish and Kabbalistic texts on fruit, trees and the earth

The Holy Table

Teaching from the Zohar: How is a table like a fruit tree? And how can it be a source of blessing, like a fruit tree?

Tu Bish'vat wisdom

Three teachings about how holy eating brings blessing to all life and all creatures, submitted by Rabbi Jacob Fine

The Giving Tree: Planting for Tu Bishvat, alternatives to JNF

Planting a tree for the future with JNF sounds like second nature, a wise investment for both Israel and the planet. But there are better ways to plant trees at Tu Bish'vat (or during the Omer, when it's really planting time).

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